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Owner & Building Operations

When you join our family of properties we provide you with the highest commitment to quality management when servicing all your property operations.

Shareholder/Owner Services

  • Respond immediately to all calls, emails, text messages same day /upon receipt
  • Address complaints with prompt resolution
  • Reply to written correspondence with written acknowledgement
  • Craft and distribute any building-wide correspondence
  • Present the Board with any unusual circumstance for discussion

Building/Staff Operations

  • Semi-weekly visits to the property
  • Close supervision of all building personnel
  • Interview, recommend and hire staff, as needed
  • Resolve any union related matters
  • Employ disciplinary action against problematic staff member
  • Schedule quarterly staff meetings with
    agendas and meeting minutes
  • Implement reward-incentive program linked with
    performance evaluation
  • Conduct auditable data review
  • Exercise cost-containment & bulk purchasing system
  • Chart and track preventive and regular systems maintenance
  • Review equipment/service contracts terms and conditions
  • Evaluate overall aesthetics of common areas

Project Management

With our combined experiences spanning over three decades, Barton Management has successfully handled and completed over $50 million of capital improvement projects. We deliver unparalleled execution for all of your project management needs. We have facilitated a wide variety of projects on both interior and exterior features.

Some of the improvement projects we handle for our clients


  • Installation of new water tanks
  • Roof and façade repairs/replacement
  • Rebuilding of parapets
  • Local Law 11 requirements
  • Building-wide window replacement
  • Designing of roof decks (w/landscaping and irrigation systems)
  • Courtyard/garden sitting area
  • Playground


  • Formation of gym/storage/bike rooms
  • Renovation of pool room with upgrades to sauna and steam room
  • Creation of community room
  • Implementation of absorption system
  • Upgrade of elevator systems and cabs
  • Re-design of lobbies
  • Hallway renovations
  • Building-wide door locks and viewer replacement
  • Re-format underutilized sublevel space into parking garage
  • Rewiring of cable network system

Compliance & Safety

At Barton Management, we are serious about safety, your safety.


A safety net to any emergency situation is complying with all applicable NYC required systems inspections and filings processed in a timely manner.

These Include:

  • Renovation Permits
  • Standpipe/Sprinkler/Fire Monitoring
  • Elevator Cat 1 & 5
  • Boiler/Oil Tank/Gas Conversions
  • FDNY Regulations
  • Window Guards/Lead Paint
  • Smoke detectors & Co2
  • Energy Audits
  • Façade inspections


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