Property Management Services

Our years of experience as a property management company have given us the necessary tools to take care of the administrative, financial and maintenance tasks that are an essential part of the management of your Co-op, Condo, or Residence. Let us use our expertise to make your life a little bit easier.

Owner & Building Operations

When you join our family of properties we provide you with the highest commitment to quality management when servicing all your property operations.

Shareholder/Owner Services

  • Respond immediately to all calls, emails, text messages same day /upon receipt
  • Address complaints with prompt resolution
  • Reply to written correspondence with written acknowledgement
  • Craft and distribute any building-wide correspondence
  • Present the Board with any unusual circumstance for discussion

Building/Staff Operations

  • Semi-weekly visits to the property
  • Close supervision of all building personnel
  • Interview, recommend and hire staff, as needed
  • Resolve any union related matters
  • Employ disciplinary action against problematic staff member
  • Schedule quarterly staff meetings with
    agendas and meeting minutes
  • Implement reward-incentive program linked with
    performance evaluation
  • Conduct auditable data review
  • Exercise cost-containment & bulk purchasing system
  • Chart and track preventive and regular systems maintenance
  • Review equipment/service contracts terms and conditions
  • Evaluate overall aesthetics of common areas

Project Management

With our combined experiences spanning over three decades, Barton Management has successfully handled and completed over $50 million of capital improvement projects. We deliver unparalleled execution for all of your project management needs. We have facilitated a wide variety of projects on both interior and exterior features.

Some of the improvement projects we handle for our clients


  • Installation of new water tanks
  • Roof and façade repairs/replacement
  • Rebuilding of parapets
  • Local Law 11 requirements
  • Building-wide window replacement
  • Designing of roof decks (w/landscaping and irrigation systems)
  • Courtyard/garden sitting area
  • Playground


  • Formation of gym/storage/bike rooms
  • Renovation of pool room with upgrades to sauna and steam room
  • Creation of community room
  • Implementation of absorption system
  • Upgrade of elevator systems and cabs
  • Re-design of lobbies
  • Hallway renovations
  • Building-wide door locks and viewer replacement
  • Re-format underutilized sublevel space into parking garage
  • Rewiring of cable network system

Compliance & Safety

At Barton Management, we are serious about safety, your safety.


A safety net to any emergency situation is complying with all applicable NYC required systems inspections and filings processed in a timely manner.

These Include:

  • Renovation Permits
  • Standpipe/Sprinkler/Fire Monitoring
  • Elevator Cat 1 & 5
  • Boiler/Oil Tank/Gas Conversions
  • FDNY Regulations
  • Window Guards/Lead Paint
  • Smoke detectors & Co2
  • Energy Audits
  • Façade inspections


Monthly billing and collection of monies due from residents/shareholders/owners.

We utilize an informative yet easy-to-read accounting software program specially designed to record all accounting transactions on a cash basis. Our back office staff is proficient to generate enhanced financial analysis including charts, graphs, year-to-date comparison analysis and supporting data. Unless an unforeseeable situation disrupts our fiscal projections, our annual budget vs. actual is typically within < 5% forecasted variance.

  • Monthly billing and collection of monies due from residents/shareholders/owners.
  • Verification and payment of vendor invoices.
  • Oversee accounts receivable with collection policy for arrears.
  • Process payroll with union regulation knowledge.
  • Circulate accurate and prompt monthly financial reports to Board members.
    – Income
    – Expense
    – Cash Flow
    – Identifiable Line Items
    – Dedicated Categories
    – Year-to-Date and Month-to-Date Variances
    – Graphical Analysis of Key Financial Data
  • Prepare in-depth operating and capital annual budgets.
  • Interface with coop/condo independent auditors.


  • Analyze insurance policy coverage and premiums, annually.
  • Astutely determine the benefit of filing certain claims against policy.
  • Obtain and evaluate competitive bids prior to the expiration of the policy.

Ancillary Services

Our knowledgeable and professional closing personnel diligently review each transfer and financing request to ensure all pertinent information is included prior to presenting the transaction details to Boards.

Once Board approval is obtained, all parties are immediately notified so a closing date can be scheduled expeditiously. We minimize closings sessions to 90 minutes or less since all required documents and information are pre-approved prior to the closing date. All our transactions have closed successfully and with multiple handshakes.

Closing/Transfer Department

  • Process all sales, sublet, refinance, L/Cs, HELOC packages
  • Conduct credit check and criminal investigation
  • Collect all building related fees from seller and buyer
  • Deliver building policy and procedure guidelines to new apt. occupants
  • Coordinate closing with all parties
  • Announce all new apartment occupants to building residents


Our creative and knowledgeable marketing department will assist any of our portfolio residents expeditiously whether they are interested to buy, sell, sublet, relocate or obtain market trend information…all at discounted commissions.


Board of Directors and residents are welcomed to tap into our association of banking and financial professionals to obtain guidance on an assortment of funding and investment instruments at the most favorable rates.


Whether Boards require more resounding advise or situations resulting in need for legal intervention, our in-house counsel can advise them accordingly.

We also have a network of legal specialists who can expertly handle specific real estate matters such as collection proceedings, air rights maters, development and variance matters, general coop/condo issues, Board policies, proprietary lease and by-law revisions, litigation, tax certiorari and abatement proceedings.

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