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Dennis Mele, Architect & President Midtown Preservation, Architecture & Engineering, P.C

“At the construction meeting, the Barton team exhibited an overall understanding of the work in progress and can easily advise the Board as to what is transpiring. They are an advocate for preventive maintenance and recognizes the importance of this approach.”

Fredrick A. Becker, Esq., Shareholder 62nd Street East, Inc.

Barton Management has a strong ability to master a situation and to work with a variety of individuals to coordinate a project so that it reaches a successful conclusion. They are an asset to our building & board.

Howard L. Eisenstein, Former Board President 62nd Street East, Inc.

In the years as a shareholder, I have found Barton Management to be very attentive and responsive to any and all requests. They are very responsible and diligent for the benefit of the shareholders and the building.

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